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                  All kitchen Knives,
    Scissors, Shears and Clipper Blades.
                2 - 3 Day turn around
Free return shippimg for orders 70.00 and more. Combined orders welcome.










Always Use a Whetstone When You Can

All knives and blades have a certain heat temper done by their manufacturers. Leaving it uncompromised adds to the longevity of your tools. That's why we at Right Bevel Sharpening slow grind your blades on a whetstone, avoiding unnecessary damages. This wet grinding, coupled with the right bevel, gives your knives and blades the best possible edge.

Our Philosophy

As a team, we have a simple philosophy: to do any job correctly the first time. We understand that some of our customers may want to have their items back immediately, and we will do all we can to address their needs promptly. After all, we do pride ourselves on providing the best products and customer service to clients in Eastern North Carolina and the entire United States.

Thank you for putting your trust in Right Bevel Sharpening, where every customer is number one.

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