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    All Kitchen knives,

  scissors and shears,         and Clipper Blades















Keeping Your Knives and Other Tools Sharp

At Right Bevel Sharpening, we believe that the proper equipment and grinding method can make all the difference for your tools. This is why we make sure that our techniques are up to date and that our team follows only the highest standards in the industry.

Take a look at our services and rates to see what we can do to keep your tools functioning at their best. We can work with clients throughout Eastern North Carolina and the entire United States.

Tools We Work On

      • Knives
      • Scissors
    • Clipper Blades
    • Yard Tools

Price List

Clipper blades

Sharpened, adjusted, oiled, and tested

7.00 each

we do not sharpen 5 in 1 blades, or ceramic



Chisels and Hand Planes: $4.00 Each*

At this price, how can you go wrong? Your tools will be straight, sharp, and free from annoying nicks in no time at all.


Scissors and shears: $7.00 Each*

A dull scissor is not only problematic—it is also difficult to work with, frustrating those who value perfection. At only $6.00 per pair, our services are much more economical compared to others’.


All kitchen Knives: $6.00 Each*

any length

Almost everybody has a kitchen drawer full of dull knives that you loved so much when they were still new and in shape. We suggest that you get your knives sharpened back to this state and quality.


Note: No ceramic items, please.


Planner or Jointer Blades: $0.60 per Inch*

It's always great to have a sharp set of knives at the ready. Most shops, whether for professionals or hobbyists, have older and duller sets lying around when newer ones have been purchased.

We'll make sure that your backup planner and jointer blades are ready when you need them. Our team will give these knives a glass-smooth cut that will exceed your expectations.

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